20 years for freedom in South Africa

Passion for Music

April 27th 2014 South Africa celebrates the "freedom day" - 20 years after Nelson Mandela had been elected president.  The are different opinions about the political progress that has been made or not made. Problems with Corruption and Poverty remain still unsolved. Only one success story can be told. The story of musicians who understand their passion not only as entertainers but as ambassadors for a better society.    Pictures: Meinrad Heck


Icons & Footprints

a collection of global players, big events and the daily life of no names. Footprints on our Planet and in our Society.

Islam in Germany

Celebrating Faith

A story of Islam in Germany. Our Photographer Peter Maurer could visit Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Mosque in Berlin / Germany and take remarkable pictures of celebrating the faith.

Daily Life

Myth of Morocco

A visual journey through the daily life of Arab Culture in the souks of Marrakesh and those of the Berbers in the High Atlas Mountains and beyond in the desert. Pictures: Meinrad Heck

Rural Life

Lost Cultures

A Journey to the Himba People in Northern Namibia. An almost lost tribe with etimated 7000 people left, living in trouble and fighting for their rights in namibian society. Himba People live almost untouched from western influence.    Pictures: Peter Maurer

The Middle East

Gods Land

A collection of images of editionY taken in the late 1990´s in Israel, Sinai, Jordan, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates mostly with non digital cameras. Pictures: Meinrad Heck

The Exhibition

African Spirit

African Spirit is a collection of images taken in period of more than 20 years in Southern Africa. It was inspired by the work for the Photobook "We don´t cry, we sing" (see below). Apart from the book we decided to make it an ongoing project that might end one day in the far future. African Spirit is available for exhibitions only in duotone. For interested Galleries: It comes unframed in 100 x 50 cm Dibond. Most of the images of editionY are available in limited numbers of 100 each and signed for sale .
Enquiries: exhibition (att) y-edition.com or contact


The Documentaries

Refugees from Kosovo arrive in Germany in 1998 (left). The image belongs to collection of Documentaries covering the transition in Eastern Europe after the Perostroika of former USSR-President Michail Gorbatchev followed by the Balkan Wars in the early 1990s.        Pictures: Meinrad Heck

Photobook "South Africa"

We don´t cry, we sing

We tried to look, where almost nobody looks. A book about South Africa with no safaris and no sunsets,even though they are fascinating for us too. So we went on a journey ofdicovery from human to human. We have met Artists and Survivors,Dreamers and Desperates in a World where ourselves could not imagine to livein. Not in Oyster Bars but in the World of bare Bones. This book tells theStories of People and their positive Spirit. Even with tears in their Eyes theydo not cry, they sing. (Hardcover, 96 pages, english/german)
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